For nearly 20 years, believers have been gathering all around the world for the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, resulting not only in fervent prayers but also in changed lives. Many people from various continents have shared about the impact of these gatherings of prayer.

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Reports from Around the Globe


  • Democratic Republic of Congo:

    “Pastor Bulakila began the day by preaching on the radio Malamu Sango from 8 AM until 9 AM, educating all pastors and leaders in the area about the global Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem. Because of preparations for weeks in advance, churches and leaders understood the vision and there was strong involvement in the entire province of Bandundu. Pastor Bulakila was able to travel to several churches that day and personally lead the services as they prayed for Jerusalem, Israel. This was possible through the generosity of Reverend Luswa, who loaned Pastor Bulakila a motorcycle and driver to travel to all of the locations.”

  • Tanzania:

    “The Valley of Blessings Church in Musoma, Tanzania, reported that they had 24-hour prayer for Jerusalem since September 1st and that by the end of the day on the first Sunday of October, 1,650 Christians in our church had fasted and prayed for Jerusalem and our nation. This year the performance was so huge. We invited local government officials for our DPPJ day. Among the invited was our district commissioner who sent her representative with police traffic officers, who led our demonstration from about 5 km away to the church. We had a gathering of over 7,000 in the church and outside it. We prayed for Israel lifting our national flag and Israel's. It was a great day and STAR TV and ITV covered the event.”






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