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1) Over 20 years of experience bringing travelers to Israel
Over the past 20 years, Eagles' Wings hashelped thousands of travelers make their pilgrimage to the Land of Israel. With our longstanding connections and experience in the Land we can provideyou with a unique pilgrimage of a lifetime! Also, you can choose to bring an Eagles' Wings staff member with you to Israel. This will provide you with spiritual insight and practical help to your tour, as well as to serve as a liaison between various contacts within Israel, both religious and secular.

2) Serving Your Vision
You can count on us to organize your pilgrimage and work to meet the objectives for your group at a completive price. If it's your first time in Israel or you've been there several times, just tell us the kind of tour you would like, and we can make it happen for you!Some programs include:
  • Leadership delegations
  • Intercession tours
  • Student and Young Adult tours
  • Service/Ministry tours
  • And much more.
3) Ministry to Those in Need throughout the Land
Don't just be a tourist, be a witness! You can be the hands and feet of Jesusto "the least of these" by feeding the poor at one of our Eagles' Wings Feeding Centers. See firsthand how faith, plus works, can create change in hearts and lives as you serve Israelis in need, both Jew and Arab alike. Also, you can support the persecuted Church by joining in worship and prayer at the largest Christian Arab congregation in Bethlehem!

4) Experiencing Israel's Diversity
Through Eagles' Wings you can experience Israel through the perspective of various communities of faith; Jewish, Christian Arab, or Druze. In doing so, you will gain a full and broad perspective of how faith is demonstrated in the midst of the often difficult circumstances that each of these groups encounter. Additionally, Robert Stearns and Eagles' Wings has had the privilege of cultivating relationships with governmental leaders in Israel for over a decade. Through these connections we can organize strategic and insightful meetings for your group with governmental leaders in Israel.

5) Watchmen on the Wall Equipping and Commissioning
The Watchmen program is designed for believers who desire to learn and experience the biblical mandate to be "Watchmen on the Wall" (Isaiah 62:6-7). Our curriculum and resources provide in-depth training that can be studied at home, in a group setting, or at one of our Watchmen on the Wall Seminars, prior to your trip. Then during your pilgrimage, you will visit key biblical sites pertaining to your study, and have the opportunity to take part in an official commissioning ceremony in Jerusalem. Commissioned Watchmen are recognized by the Municipality of Jerusalem, The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus and Eagles' Wings.