What Leaders Are Saying
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Read what some of the world's top leaders are saying about the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.

Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer
 - Christians For Israel International
"Prayer is fulfilling God's command in Isaiah 62:7: '...and give Him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth...' So my prayer is: O Lord, please fulfill your promises to Israel. You have sworn: ...NEVER AGAIN... in Your word. Thank You, Oh Lord, that You will keep all Your promises You made to Israel. Thank You, Oh Lord, that one day the nations will know and see Who is really GOD."
Reverend Hudson Hilsden
 - Hudson Hilsden
"We are sending out hundreds of posters to denominational leaders and pastors, as well as radio and TV stations to get the word out across Canada. The response has been exciting. Canada is a vast country and until now most people have never heard of the Day of Prayer For The Peace of Jerusalem. That is about to change."
Richard Twiss
 - Wiconi International
“As a First Nations leader here in North America, we bless the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.”
( Richard Twiss went home to The Lord on Feb. 9, 2013 but his strong support to pray for Jerusalem and to a identify with the Jewish people as First Nations person himself, gives us confidence that he would want his endorsement to stay on our webpage.)
Robert Schuller
 - FamilyNet.TV
"We need to pray for peace in Jerusalem. Jesus wept over her. God loves her. The Holy Spirit comforts her. We will pray for her."

Steve Hill
 - Steve Hill Ministries

“We need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem because God commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Right now the whole world is focused on Israel: What’s going to happen? What’s going to happen with the neighboring countries? So it's time to get on our faces…to believe God for Israel, to believe God for a move of His spirit….”
(On March 9, 2014 Steve Hill met his Lord and Savior face to face, but Steve’s great passion for prayer and great love for Israel moves us to keep his endorsement posted at this critical time in the Middle East.)

Sunday Adelaja
 - Embassy of God (Ukraine)
"We all must be thankful to the people who have taken up the responsibility of helping the body of Christ to do what God commanded all of us to do. Let's support their efforts."
Thomas Trask
 - Assemblies of God
"The Assemblies of God is recognized as a Movement grounded in prayer. For there to be peace in Jerusalem, God must intervene - prayer can move the hand of God."
Mark Rutland
 - ORU
Prayer for Peace anywhere is blessed. Prayer for Jerusalem anytime is blessed. Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem is the perfect match."
Eddie and Alice Smith
 - U.S. Prayer Center
Never before has Israel so needed our help. They are under assault from every side. Having an Israeli son-in-law, with three beautiful grandchildren, supporting Israel is a primary concern of ours. May prayer for Jerusalem’s peace be central.
Roderick Hennings
 - Zion Dominion Global Ministries
“Eagles Wings is the bridge for the American Christian and the Jewish Nation of Israel to have relationship through revelation. Because of their efforts the chosen and the adopted are forever related.”
Senior Pastor Roderick and Lady Pamela Hennings
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