What Leaders Are Saying
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Read what some of the world's top leaders are saying about the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.

Doug Stringer
 - Somebody Cares America
"Micah 4 says there would come a time when people from all backgrounds and all ethnicities would gather at the Mountain of the Lord - Jerusalem - and lay aside their weapons of warfare, for harvesting tools. Like never before, churches all across the globe need to pray simultaneously and passionately for the peace of Jerusalem, so that despite the global tension and the violence there, weapons of warfare would be turned instead to worshipping the Lord and restoring God's presence again in His Land."

Dr. McKenzie Pier
 - New York City Leadership Center
“For the last three thousand years Jerusalem has been the religious capital of the world. When you read the New and Old Testaments you understand that Jerusalem has a unique place in human history. We bear an important responsibility in the body of Christ to pray in agreement for the health and future for Jerusalem, and to ask that God’s purposes would be fulfilled in our generation for all that God has purposed for this great city.”
Dutch Sheets
 - Dutch Sheets Ministries

"God is sovereignly aligning many nations and individuals with His redemptive purposes concerning Israel. Do not miss your opportunity to bless them and receive the promised blessing in return."

Elwood McQuaid
 - The Friends of Israel

"The mandate for Christians to pray for the peace of Jerusalem is not an option; it is an obligation.”

Fern Nichols
 - Moms in Touch International Committee

"We bless the heart of God and pray in agreement with the will of God, when we pray for the peace of Jerusalem."

Ford Taylor
 - Transformation Cincinnati Northern Kentucky
"May believers in Jesus set aside their personal agendas for a worldwide vision in prayers including praying for the peace of Jerusalem, '...the city of our God, in the mountain of His holiness.'" (Psalm 48:1)
Frank Wright
 - National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)
“The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem helps Christians all over the world to live out Psalm 122:6 in a substantive way. The leadership exerted by Robert Stearns and Jack Hayford has produced an amazing harvest in focused corporate prayer.”'
Gary Bauer
 - American Values
"As radical Islamists continue to wage terror attacks against innocent Jews and the evil of anti-Semitism sweeps Europe, it is more important than ever to hear the Biblical call to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please join me in doing so."
Gilbert Carthigasu
 - Director of One New Man Asia
"With all the political issues going on, and looking at the prophetic, we believe that this is the time and we need to prepare for the return of Jesus. So, praying for the peace of Jerusalem is one of the things that God has mandated us, as Christian believers, to do. And much of the Church has forgotten it and much of the Church has not accepted it, but we have to raise up a body of believers who will stand with Israel in these last days."
Jane Hansen Hoyt
 - Aglow International
"Never has it been as critical as it is now that we stand in the gap for the nation of Israel and its people. The biblical mandate to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” must take on greater priority in our lives as we watch the intensity of warfare increase, both in the natural and spiritual realms, over God’s end-time purposes for His people – Israel and the body of Christ."
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