Ways You Can Join MILLIONS of Global Christians Praying ON OCTOBER 2nd Right Where You Are!
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Each and every person in the Body of Christ can now be part of the strategic and historic Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem that God is mobilizing on October 2nd for His Holy City Jerusalem, for His Land Israel, and for ALL who live there – Jewish, Christian and Arab.

God’s Prayer Army is made up of all denominations, all cultures, all ages, and all levels of mobility, so plan now to join us in any, or all of these ways!

1.     Between now through October 2nd, pray with us on Instapray - the new social network that connects the world through prayers!

    •    Download the free Instapray app from the App Store and Google Play
    •    Create and personalize your account on Instapray
    •    Follow our account - @DPPJ 
    •    Start posting your prayers for Jerusalem using the hashtag #DPPJ

Click Here for InstaPray Tutorial
Go to Instapray.com for more information or watch the Instapray Video.

 2.    Check to see if there is a DPPJ gathering in your local area by either:

·        Contacting your local coordinator

·        Checking our webpage for DPPJ Events

3.     Plan to participate in the 24 Hour DPPJ Prayer Conference Call at Midnight on Oct. 2nd EST through 11:59 PM Oct. 2nd. There are hourly prayer topics for Jerusalem, Israel, and ALL of her people.

·        For more information on the 24 Hour DPPJ Prayer Call, click here

·        To review hourly prayer topics, click here.

4.     Tune into God TV for their special Broadcast of the DPPJ Jerusalem Celebration.  This is only one of the hundreds of thousands of DPPJ gatherings, but it is the big one in Jerusalem, “the city of the Great King” Jesus. Click here to check their broadcasting schedule in your area.

5.     Have your own DPPJ prayer gathering right in your home or church that day with Believers you know.  Need some help?

·        We have many FREE DOWNLOADABLE educational and promotional materials as a DPPJ Equipping Packet in ENGLISH and SPANISH.

·        We have FREE DPPJ VIDEOS : Promo videos & a special DPPJ “Prayer Focus” Video made especially for the actual day of prayer.

·        We have FREE DPPJ KIDS/Teen Resources to download that you can use with your children and teens on October 2nd, at DPPJ Kids, as well as FREE DOWNLOADS for College Students.

·        Know of Spanish, Chinese, or Korean believers, or Christians from other countries who would like to join DPPJ? We have FREE TRANSLATED DPPJ Resources in over 20 languages.

6.    For Social Media Lovers, we also have powerful DPPJ Facebook and Instagram Images in
     English & Spanish for you to use to help us spread the word about October 2nd!

The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem is the largest  Israel focused prayer movement in history, and there is a place in it for each and every person in The Body of Christ. See you on October 2nd!

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