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Promise Keepers Joins Millions in Prayer for Jerusalem
Release Date:9/4/2013 12:00:00 AM

Dr. Raleigh Washington, President and CEO of Promise Keepers USA, is one of the 1300+ Christian Leaders – from all different denominations, cultures, and continents – who is exhorting believers to join with millions around the world on October 6th as part of the annual Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ).  Beginning in 2002 under the co-leadership of Dr. Robert Stearns of Eagles’ Wings Ministries, and Dr. Jack Hayford - Chancellor of The King's University - this international, “grass - roots” prayer movement is the largest Israel-focused prayer initiative in history.

As a strong supporter of God’s covenant purposes with Israel, Dr. Washington states, “Every Christian must reach out to the Jewish Community, bless them and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”  With its’ following of thousands, Dr. Washington and Promise Keepers are heralding the call for all to pray for the peace of Jerusalem on October 6.

Dr. Raleigh Washington earned his Master of Divinity from Trinity International University, and holds honorary doctorates from Trinity, Westminster College and Azusa Pacific University.  As President of Promise Keepers, he is dedicated to reaching thousands of men for Christ each year at their national conferences and events.  Promise Keepers has directly impacted more than 6 million men since it’s’ inception, including the 1.4 million men assembled at the US national mall in Washington, DC in 1997.It has continued to grow world- wide, welcoming men – young and old - from all backgrounds, making it one of the largest combined male church groups in the world.

Dr. Washington joins many other leaders who represent the wonderful diversity in The Body of Christ, such as Paul Cedar, Ron Luce, Kay Arthur, Jane Hansen, T. D. Jakes, Sammy Rodriguez, and Ravi Zacharias.  Their united call is for all believers to fulfill The Lord’s mandate in Psalm 122:6, to pray for God’s peace, purposes, and blessing, to Jews, Arabs and Christians alike in God’s Holy City – Jerusalem.