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Nations Around The World Pray for Jerusalem & Her People on Oct. 7
Release Date:10/18/2012 12:00:00 AM

In this time of great political division and international uncertainty, believers from around the world were both passionate and unified in their prayers for God’s Holy City and all of her people, as part of the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ) on October 7. Reports continue to come into the Eagles' Wings office from churches and prayer gatherings both large and small and from big cities to remote villages, but each one is a glorious praise report of what God is doing through His Church on the first Sunday of every October. We would like to share just a few highlights with you so you too can join our excitement and thanksgiving as we read these wonderful DPPJ Testimonies. ( See )


DPPJ - TANZANIA EAST AFRICA Our DPPJ Team Coordinator from Tanzania, Bishop Daniel Ouma, wrote: “We had a great Sunday service bringing our hearts together for Jerusalem and its people. Over 1000 believers attended. Hallelujah! The Regional Administrative Secretary attended and explained how the church is ‘part and parcel’ of Israel. The gathering had Catholic believers, Pentecostal, Adventists, Anglican, etc. We thank God that many more Christians are joining this event at our church on the First Sunday of Every October.” The photo above shows believers of all ages and denominations waving Israeli flags in fervent worship and in prayer.

DPPJ INDIA (PITHAPURAM  - E. G. District Andhra 

Rev. D. Premanandam told us that all AFCM Congregations conducted special prayer meetings for the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem on October 7th.

Though a smaller church, they had a powerful time of worship, teaching and Spirit-led prayer for Israel, Jerusalem, and her people. The photo - top right - shows two church members singing a special song for Jerusalem in front of their DPPJ Banner. also shared photos of their new House of Prayer - lower right - where they held their special DPPJ Service.

Another pastor in India, P. Noel Samuel – head of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God in Andhra Pradesh and Principle of Zion Bible College – had his 1000 churches and 70,000 believers participating in this year’s DPPJ as well. These are just two of the many pastors in India who are teaching and leading their people to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for all who live there.

DPPJ in Trujillo, PERU by Mario & Sara Coello

"Hallellujah!  We had a wonderful gathering in Trujillo, Peru with children and families praying for the peace of Jerusalem. There were at least 1,000 people praying. There were 70 church gatherings for DPPJ in Peru, plus many others who gathered to pray in the Peruvian churches in the High Mountains and in the Jungle. Praise God! We also have a report that inside the main jail in Trujillo, there are 3 Christian churches. We sent the DPPJ material to them and for the first time, those church leaders also had a time of prayer for Israel inside the jail. There was a gathering of about 60 inmates being taught about Israel and the second coming of our Lord and King in that place."

Lagos, Nigeria - DPPJ Report by Rev. Dr. Friday Bekee

The October 7, 2012 Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem event took place at GOSPEL POWER ASSEMBLY in Lagos Nigeria, the church arm of Prayer Army International. The gathering, characterized by fervent praise and worship, was followed by a prayer session focusing on the peace of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel.  The host, Rev. Dr. Friday Bekee, charged the congregation from Psalms 122:6-7. In response, the congregation passionately prayed for Jerusalem, for the nation of Israel, and for the fulfillment of God's promises and Bible prophecies on Jerusalem as a people and a nation.

Marietta, GA - The United States of America

Countless churches throughout the United States took their worship service on October 7th as well to teach about the need to pray for God’s land, His holy city Jerusalem, and for all of her people.  One example of the many DPPJ services in America comes from Marietta Church of Godwho hosted a service where approximately 400 people were in attendance,  representing approximately nine different churches from the region. The keynote speaker was the Southeast Israeli Consul General, OpherAviran.  Also in attendance was the Southeast Emissary for the Jewish National Fund, Mr. Ronnie Perat, plus several other Jewish people who attended the service.

In addition to the Consul General speaking, some of the highlights were the Jewish Dance by the Daughters of Zion and the Drama "Let the Church Arise" by the Show and Tell Drama Team. There were 7 Prayer Stations with 3X6 foot Banners, at which individuals were able to pray regarding various topics like:  Praying for the Peace Of Jerusalem, Praying for God to raise up Christian Watchmen, and Praying against Anti-Semitism. Shofars blew when it was time for individuals to move from one prayer station to the next in order to intercede for a new topic. In addition, small refrigerator magnets were given to each person attending to remind them to pray daily for the Peace of Jerusalem. The event was followed by a "Taste of Israel" buffet, with many different Jewish foods, such as hummus and baba ghanoush., D.C. - DPPJ & National Day of Prayer's The SUMMONS 2012

Significantly, in Washington, D.C., over 300 prominent Prayer Leaders representing America's National Prayer Ministries and The National Day of Prayer, joined together on October 7th to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Originally they were meeting in D.C. as part of The SUMMONS 2012 to pray for God's blessings on our nation during the intense political season before the elections. The leadership of the Summons 2012 saw the divine link between the need to bless God's land and people, if they wanted Him to bless ours. John Bornschein - Vice Chairman of The National Day of Prayer explained: "God is very intentional; DPPJ and The Summons 2012 are evidence of His divine order and purpose. Praying for America and for the Peace of Jerusalem are assignments God is summoning for our time on Sunday, October 7th." 

Space does not allow us to share all of the wonderful reports and photos we have received from different states, college campuses, and nations, but we encourage you to visit our DPPJ Testimony Webpage for more examples. As our DPPJ Coordinator from South Australia wrote in her exciting report: "We are convinced that the prayer of so many of God’s children united across the world is one of His strategies for the blessing and protection of Jerusalem and Israel in these times of intense pressure upon the nation."