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Middle East Conflict Highlights Biblical Mandate to Pray for Jerusalem
Release Date:5/7/2007 12:00:00 AM

BUFFALO, May 7, 2007 – Groups and ministries as diverse as the Newsboys, AGLOW International, the Foursquare denomination and Christian Arabs are responding to the Middle East crisis and are rallying globally around the common cause of prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. The international prayer effort, Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (, is expanding rapidly and now includes than 150,000 churches in over100 nations, partnering in prayer for the city of Jerusalem on the first Sunday of every October

“In these unprecedented days when movements of prayer are being raised up by God on every conceivable front and locale, The Global Day of Prayer joins hands with others in summoning the Body of Christ to pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” said Dr. Robert O. Bakke, executive director of The Global Day of Prayer – North America.

U.S. Christian leaders ranging from Bishop T.D. Jakes to Dr. Ravi Zacharias and recording artist Michael W. Smith have all lent their names and support to the initiative, joining their hearts with the thousands around the world, asking for God’s special blessing and protection for Jerusalem.

Dave Butts, chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, which facilitates The National Day of Prayer, adds “there are many issues of importance for us to pray about, but there is nothing more Biblical or timely than to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Those Christians who would align their prayers with heaven's purposes will find themselves crying out for the peace of Jerusalem."

The initiative is co-chaired by Dr. Jack Hayford, president of the Foursquare Denomination International and chancellor of The Kings College and Seminary, and Rev. Robert Stearns, director and founder of Eagles’ Wings Ministries. Leaders of both the National Day of Prayer and Global Day of Prayer organizations have endorsed the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem as a day no less important for Christians around the world to stop and remember their call to prayer.

As one of its many initiatives on behalf of the people of Israel, Eagles’ Wings Ministries has established the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, held annually on the first Sunday of every October. Eagles Wings has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and commendation for how they are leading God’s people to pray as the Bible commands.

Rev. Robert Stearns explains why this initiative is gaining such extraordinary, broad-based support. "The fact is, whatever our theological or political positions regarding Israel, we can all agree there is a Biblical mandate and a current crisis that should cause us to pray. God is vitally concerned for all those living in Jerusalem – Jew and Arab alike – and we should be directing our prayer and actions toward God's Shalom (peace) manifesting in that city."

The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem events, occurring on Oct. 7, take place first and foremost in the Sunday worship services of hundreds of thousands of churches across the globe. It is also observed that day with a worldwide 24-hour teleconference call where Christians from around the world will be joining one another in “virtual prayer rooms.” In addition, there are regional observances with Israeli and Jewish representatives uniting with Christian leaders in worship and prayer; a Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem celebration service in Jerusalem, plus worldwide coverage of the Day of Prayer events on GodTV.

Information is available online at for use by churches in planning an entire service devoted to the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, or to include a short time of prayer in the middle of a regular service. Audio and video clips, bulletin inserts, sermons, articles and brochures are downloadable by participating churches and individuals. Volunteers can sign up to be coordinators and others can look up their local coordinator to affirm their commitment to pray or offer their assistance in recruiting others to pray.

The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem is just one of many initiatives sponsored by Eagles’ Wings Ministries in support of Israel and Christian discipleship. Others include “Watchman on the Wall” prayer training seminars and pilgrimages to Israel, student adventure trips for high school students and in-depth learning trips for college students to Israel, plus many teaching resources, internships, and conferences. An organizational and fundraising banquet is being held May 17 in Beverly Hills to provide funding for these initiatives, as well as to celebrate “Jerusalem Day” on the 40th anniversary of re-unification with Israel.

In addition, Robert Stearns is uniquely recognized by Jewish leadership in Jerusalem as a Christian friend of Israel and serves as a liaison between U.S. Christians and Israel. He is regularly featured in the Jerusalem Post, and has spoken to the Israeli Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus several times, the U.K. House of Lords, met with the last three Israeli Prime Ministers, and oversees the only Christian Prayer Training for Jerusalem, whose graduates are officially commissioned by the Jerusalem mayor’s office.

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