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God - The Hope of Two Nations
Release Date:10/2/2012 12:00:00 AM

In an hour when the very existence of Israel is threatened on all sides, God still has His plan. Despite Hezbollah missiles to her north and Hamas rockets to her South, God still has His weapons. Though allies have become foes and friends are hard to find, God is still raising up Watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem. This year, two very strategic prayer gatherings   - The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ) and “THE SUMMONS” in Washington DC - discovered that they are part of God’s plan, His weapons, and His Watchmen as they join forces on the very same day – Sunday October 7th - to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

The global  Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem on October 7th (  - led by Dr. Robert Stearns, Dr. Jack Hayford, and Dr. Paul Cedar, along with over 1200 Christian endorsing leaders – occurs the first Sunday of every October in the local churches of  over 175 nations, including underground ones in China and seven Muslim countries.It is the call to the global Church to pray for God’s peace (Psalm 122:6) and blessing over His Holy City – Jerusalem, over ALL who live there - Jew and Arab alike, and over the land He calls His own. In the midst of countries in continual chaos,  God is still the Rock of Israel and Jehovah Shalom.

THE SUMMONS 2012 (, is a Solemn Assembly in Washington DC. From Oct. 4 – 7, called by The  National Day of Prayer Task Force “due to the urgency of the moment and the prompting of God.”  America’s National Prayer Committee Chairman, Dave Butts, explains,“It is God's call to the Church to come together in our capital  during this very intense political season, to pray and ask God's blessing over our nation and our people.”  With both the Republican and Democratic Conventions  over, American Christians now face the daunting challenge of discerning which man will bless our nation over the next four years… which leader will hear God’s still quiet voice behind him saying: “This is the way; walk in it.”( Isa.30:21)

Is this overlap of dates a coincidence?Though not originally planned by either ministry, leaders quickly realized that there was a divine motive to the dates. John Bornschein - Vice Chairman of The National Day of Prayer explains:“God is very intentional; DPPJ and Summons 2012 are evidence of His divine order and purpose. Praying for America and the Peace of Jerusalem are assignments God is summoning for our time on Sunday, October 7th.”Dave Butts adds, “I believe it is absolutely God-orchestrated timing that The Summons, a time of prayer for America, concludes on the same day as the Global Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem. What an amazing opportunity to bless Israel and our own nation, by praying for the peace of Jerusalem in Washington DC.” Those sentiments are shared by many of the speakers and prayer leaders in The Summons 2012 since several of them are already Endorsers of The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.This includes Christian leaders such as: Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr., Dr. NegielBigpond , Pat Chen,  Dave Kubal ,Barbara Byerly, Jeremy Story, and Dick Eastman.

Both nations face critical decisions in this hour and both nations need divine revelation from the God of all Wisdom andfrom the God who sees “the end from the beginning.” Co-Chairman of The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem and executive director of Eagles' Wings– Dr. Robert Stearns – explained: “Just as the early Church leaders in Acts understood the Jewish roots of Christianity, so did the founding fathers of our nation understand the inseparable link between the land and the people of Israel. I believe it is incredibly significant that as America’s prayer leaders are praying for revival in this land, they are also praying for peace in His Land with the people of Israel, recognizing this Divine link both naturally and spiritually.”

Dr. Mahesh Chavda, Senior Pastor of All Nations Church in South Carolina once said: “When we take what is special to God and make it special to us, He takes what is special to us and makes it special to Him.”

Maybe there is real hope for both America and for Israel, as God blesses our prayers for His Land and ours on October 7th.