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A Match Made in Heaven: Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem Partners with Instapray Prayer App
Release Date:9/10/2014 12:00:00 AM

NEW YORK - The popular Instapray application will be partnering with the Day of Prayer for
the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ), the largest global, grassroots prayer movement focused on
prayer for Jerusalem. This year over 500,000 congregations in 175 nations are planning to
join in prayer for Jerusalem on Sunday, October 5, 2014. This prayer movement is not
affiliated with any one political or denominational slant; rather, it seeks to reflect God's love
and redemptive purpose for all people groups in the Jerusalem region by taking the time to
pray for God's peace and blessings on Jerusalem and all of her inhabitants.

Starting today, believers from around the world are able to pray for the peace of Jerusalem
right from their mobile phone by using Instapray, the world's leading mobile prayer
application. Instapray is a new social network that connects people of all different ages,
cultures, and backgrounds in prayer around specific congregations, topics or
locations. Instapray members post prayers and prayer requests that can instantly be read,
prayed for, and responded to by users in over 195 countries. Instapray members are able to
add pictures, # hashtags and @ mentions to their prayers. This year prayers tagged for the
peace of Jerusalem with #DPPJ will be archived together so that users can access these
prayers from various areas of the world.

Commenting on the partnership, Robert Stearns, the founder and Co-Chairman of DPPJ
said, “Our goal has always been to mobilize Christians around the world to fulfill our biblical
mandate from Psalm 122:6 to ‘pray for the peace of Jerusalem.’ This partnership with
Instapray will open up a new avenue for believers to lift up prayer in this critical moment in
our world.”

Instapray founder and CEO, Fryderyk Ovcaric says, "Our mission is to make the world a
better place by facilitating exchanges of inspiration, compassion, and care among people
through prayers. We are happy to facilitate prayers for peace in the Middle East and hope
that our technology platform can have a meaningful impact on mankind, spreading love,
respect and support around the world."