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We have a host of resources available to help you promote and host the Day of Prayer in your church, your business, your home, or anywhere. Below are a variety of materials available to order or download.

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DPPJ_Flyer.JPGOrder your *DPPJ Equipping Packet now available from the KAIROS Resource CenterWe have a host of materials available to help you promote and host Day of Prayer events at your location. We've selected the most requested resources and many can also be ordered separately in quantity for congregations. We offer several free* materials in both English and Spanish, including flyers, posters, promotional DVDs, and this DPPJ Equipping Packet. 

For more information on these packets, including prices and complete descriptions, and to order Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem resources, visit our online storefront at  and click on the Day of Prayer Category.

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Downloadable Resources

In English - Below are several resources you can use to promote the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem in your region. 

In other languages
 - Click here to view downloadable resources in other languages.

Timeless Flyer
Spread the word with this 1/2 page full color flyer promoting the Annual Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem in English and in Spanish.

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Download Flyer
Join with MILLIONS of people around the globe to pray for the peace of Jerusalem on October 7, 2018 - The First Sunday of every October.
DPPJ Vision
Why Stand with Israel Booklet by Dr. Jack Hayford
Written by Dr. Jack Hayford, Co-Founder of the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, president of the Four Square Church Denomination, chancellor of King's College and Seminary, and an authority on the spiritual and political implications of the Middle East, this booklet is an excellent resource for Christians wanting to learn more about the importance of standing with Israel in this day and age.

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Why stand with Israel?
Sermon Notes
Compiled by Dr. Jack Hayford and Robert Stearns, these sermon notes are for pastors and leaders who desire to speak about Israel to their congregations.

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Sermon Notes

Important Facts
This document answers many questions about the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.

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Important Facts
Prayer Points for Israel (And Her People)
Specific prayer points outlining how to pray for the land and people of Israel.

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Israel Prayer Points

Jerusalem Prayer Guide Booklet
A short three panel Prayer Guide with basic DPPJ information and prayer themes for Jerusalem and her people.

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Prayer Guide

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