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Translated Materials for the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

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包德寧牧師(Dennis Balcombe)支持『為耶路撒冷求平安祈禱主日』(DPPJ)

包德宁牧师(Dennis Balcombe)支持『为耶路撒冷求平安祈祷主日』(DPPJ

Tools and Resources

Below are several tools and resources you can use to promote the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem in your region.

DPPJ宣傳片(DPPJ Promotional Video)

"Why Stand With Israel" Booklet by Dr. Jack Hayford

Written by Dr. Jack Hayford, Co-Founder of the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, president of the Four Square Church Denomination, chancellor of King’s College and Seminary, and an authority on the spiritual and political implications of the Middle East, this booklet is an excellent resource for Christians wanting to learn more about the importance of standing with Israel in this day and age.

--Why Stand with Israel (PDF)--

--Simplified Prayer Points for Israel(PDF)-- / Classical
/ Traditional

--重要事实 - 简体--
-- Important Facts A4 (PDF) --

--重要事实 - 简体--
-- Important Facts A5 (PDF) --

-- DPPJ Email Blast – Please Send! (Simplified) --

--重要事实 - 简体--
-- Traditional Important Facts (PDF) --

--鹰翼 2015 年为 耶路撒冷和以色列 祷告要点--
-- 2015 DPPJ Prayer Points - Simplified Chinese (PDF) --

--鷹翼 2015 年為 耶路撒冷和以色列 禱告要點--
-- 2015 DPPJ Prayer Points - Traditional Chinese (PDF) --


2016 Flyer

The 2016 flyer is a general information piece that includes a description of the vision, a list of participating leaders and ministries, suggestions on how you can be involved, and our goals for 2016.

--2016年的傳單 (PDF)--
--2016 Flyer Traditional (PDF)--

--2016年传单 (PDF)--
--2016 Flyer Simplified (PDF)--

Sermon Notes – Mandarin

Compiled by Dr. Jack Hayford and Robert Stearns, these sermon notes are for pastors and leaders who are wanting to speak about Israel to their congregations.


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