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Curriculum.jpgAround the world, the Watchmen on the Wall program is equipping Christians for effective articulation to people, and informed intercession to God, regarding Israel and its issues. 

The Watchmen on the Wall program consists of three parts:
  1. Learn: Our broad-based curriculum includes written materials, recorded teachings, and live seminars, which cover the history of the Jewish people, the history of Christian anti-Semitism, and media bias - as well as providing a basic understanding of the current conflict, sharing a host of reasons for standing with Israel, and giving instruction for becoming an articulate spokesperson for Israel.
  2. Commissioning.jpgGo: Through our prayer pilgrimages to Israel, we are educating and training Christians from around the world to be actively supportive of Israel.  We are calling Christians to make this pilgrimage to Israel not only to connect with its rich Biblical history, but also to bond with Israel's present and to have an opportunity to take an active role in its future.
  3. Become: By completing the training and pilgrimage, you can be officially commissioned as a Watchman on the Wall for Israel during a special government-sponsored ceremony in Jerusalem.  Once commissioned, Watchmen can discover a host of opportunities to take what they have learned and experienced to become articulate ambassadors in their communities on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people.

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