What Leaders Are Saying
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Read what some of the world's top leaders are saying about the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.

Michael Pierce
 - Christ For Your City
"May we act upon the instruction of Psalm 122:6 'to pray for the peace of Jerusalem' and utilize the power of 'one accord' unity found in Acts 2:1 [in October] and every day of the year. Jesus prayed for Jerusalem and so must we! God releases His blessing when we walk in obedience to His Word!"
Morris Cerullo
 - Morris Cerullo World Evangelism
"Our heart's cry for Jerusalem, which runs more deeply in our soul than can be expressed in words, is like unto that of Nehemiah, who when he heard of her afflictions sat down and wept and mourned for days. Prayer for the peace of Jerusalem is nothing more than prayer for God's Kingdom to be done on earth as it is in heaven."
Pastor Daniel Mueller
 - Missionswerk Karlsruhe
"Now is the time to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Now it is like a burning-point time in Jerusalem; it is the "end time" and world decisions are happening in Jerusalem... In Israel... so, it is very important that we pray for Jerusalem."
Pastor John Adedeji
 - Living Hope Ministries (Nigeria)
"Prayer for Jerusalem is a mandate, not a suggestion. God specifically said we should pray for Jerusalem from all [ethnicities] for peace!"
Pastor John Hagee
 - Cornerstone Church
"Now is the time to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The fact is that when Jerusalem is at peace, the world is at peace. And when Jerusalem is at war, the world is at war. When we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we are in effect, not only praying for the Jewish people and Israel, we're praying for peace in the United States of America."
Paul Johansson
 - Elim Bible Institute
"Because Jerusalem is a city of Nations, peace in that place is peace for all."
Paul Wilbur
 - Wilbur Ministries
It’s my privilege to speak to you about daytopray.com. The prophets said I have placed watchmen upon your walls oh Jerusalem, and they will not be silent day or night. It was so important to God that he had the prophets speak to all the world, not just to Israel but to the entire world. I love you so much that I’ve placed watchmen on your walls, and He says this, give me no rest, and He also says give yourselves no rest until I make Jerusalem a praise in all the earth. If it’s that important to the Living God, can we not see ourselves setting apart one day, out of an entire year, to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem?
Paula White
 - Paula White Ministries
"It is not a suggestion. It is an absolute commandment and a commision for us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. God has trusted us, this generation, to be at the forefront of the greatest move of God in the earth today. I believe all history longs to have lived in the day in which we stand, so as believers, we understand not only the privilege, but also the responsibility."
Phil Miglioratti
 - National Pastors' Prayer Network
"Many of us have ignored God’s call to pray for this globally strategic city. May this Day of Prayer be God’s way of focusing our attention for a Christ awakening in all sectors of Jerusalem."
Ravi Zacharias
 - Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
"This is the only means that will ultimately change hearts in this troubled part of the world."
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