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Please Mobilize NOW for Jerusalem

The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

The Bible clearly calls all believers to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6, Isaiah 62:6). Over 1,200 of the most respected global Christian leaders (click here for a listing) are calling for the Church to pray for Jerusalem the first Sunday of every October. All Christians have a biblical mandate and responsibility to pray for the city over which Jesus wept, the city to which He will soon return. The current crisis over Jerusalem has global ramifications and impact, and will only be fully resolved by God working through the prayers of His people.
October 2, 2011
The First Sunday of Every October
•Pray regularly for the peace of Jerusalem.

•Participate in the global Day of Prayer on Oct. 2 by praying for the peace of Jerusalem with others in your local church, small group, Bible study, and regional church. Find helpful resources for all ages at and tell others about it.
•Sign your name to the "Call to Prayer" resolution by clicking here now.

•Bless the Jewish and Arab people who live in Israel by participating in the Jerusalem Offering. Visit our website now to learn how.

•Worldwide 24-hour Teleconference Call Join Christians on Oct. 2 in a "virtual prayer room" praying in one accord for Jerusalem and all her people. See

•Prayerfully consider becoming a Day of Prayer coordinator for your region, state, city, or church. Click here for more information.

•Become an informed intercessor through the Watchmen on the Wall Training Program.
Click here for more information.

•Pray about making pilgrimage to Israel as a Watchman on the Wall for Zion.
Click here for more information.

•Tune in to a special Jerusalem celebration televised live on GodTV on October 2 to over 192 nations and territories. If you will be in Jerusalem, join us on-site for the global broadcast! See
Over 1,200 global Christian leaders are calling YOU to participate...