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Gilad Shalit's Book on Youtube

Gilad ShalitGilad Shalit's (Schalit) book, When the Shark and the Fish First Met, is now on YouTube, marking two years since the Israeli soldier was kidnapped.

Produced by the Consulate General of Israel, the video shows fifth-grade students reading from the story that Gilad wrote when he was their age. One of the students remarked, "Gilad was a boy our age when he wrote this story; if only we could write something so significant at this age. Today, no one knows where he is and he probably misses his parents."

The book is a beautiful depiction of the struggle and eventual triumph of relationship between two people groups. As the same student wrote, "If the shark and fish can make peace, why can't people?"
To read more about this story, please download the following PDF from the isRealli website, "The new blog of Israel".