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Five Timely Prayer Targets for Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Prayer Update

The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem survey dozens of informational sites monthly and listen for the voice of the Lord in order to guide you – Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem – with a monthly prayer focus as we stand together with Israel.  Each month we specifically pray for…

·         The Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6)

·         The Poor of Israel (Psalm 132:13-16)

·         The Protection of the Apple of God’s Eye (Psalm 17:7-9)

·         The Promises to the Children of Ishmael (Genesis 17)

·         The Presence of God with DPPJ Standing with Israel (Exodus 33:12-17)

The Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6 Adapted)

March 23, 2011 – A bomb left at one of Jerusalem’s busiest bus stops for locals and tourists alike, shattered the peace of God’s Holy City and once again targeted innocent men, women, and children. Together we pray:

“Almighty God, we pray shalom over Jerusalem and all of Israel. May those who love Jerusalem be secure and let there be peace within her walls, security within her citadels. For the sake of all who befriend her and her brethren, we declare, Peace be within you! for the sake of the House of the Lord God, we seek her prosperity. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” Register now for The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem,


The Poor of Israel  (Psalm 132:13-16)

DPPJ through its partnering members, churches and Christian leaders has sown more than $20,000 into feeding the poor in Israel. Much more is needed continually as the poor are always with us and Jesus commands us to minister unto the least of these.

 “Almighty God, we lift up the poor of Jerusalem and Israel, Jew and Arab, immigrant and orphaned, young and old who hunger and thirst. Grant them daily bread and us the desire and willingness to share of our resources with them. In the name of the Bread of Life, Amen.” Go to for more information about how to put faith and works together. Also view the video:


The Protection of the Apple of God’s Eye (Psalm 17:7-9)

The Arab nations around Israel rage and overflow with war, unrest, political protest and changing positions toward Israel. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon all seethe with many within them who plot harm against God’s people. While regime changes and nations war, our battle is in the heavenlies as we pray for the Lord of Hosts to protect Zion.

Pray, “Lord of Hosts, release your angelic hosts to protect the apple of your eye. Raise up a standard against Israel’s enemies. Set ambushes against those who would attack her. For Your Name’s sake, protect Zion. In the name of the Prince of Peace. Amen.”

Go to for news on Israel’s Prime Minister, Simon Peres, and his comments on hopes for peace as Arab turmoil may lead to democracy.


The Promises to the Children of Ishmael (Genesis 17)

Our Arab brother in Israel, Emil Habun shares, “Thank you so much for always remembering us in your prayers. Last week I met Aaron in Nazareth and the group he has been with promised me to pray for Christian Arabs as well. They, too, pray in Nazareth for this cause. I am telling you this because I am extremely happy for these steps. God is bringing Christians in the USA closer to their brothers and sisters here."

The Presence of God with DPPJ Standing with Israel (Exodus 33:12-17)

We stand with Israel and pray for her peace. We are Watchmen on the Wall standing with Israel in prayer. Become equipped to pray and be led by God’s presence on a daily basis. Your equipping can be found at . Pray:

We declare that no weapon formed against Israel will prosper. We stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel as we agree with Scripture on the covenant boundaries of Israel established by God in His Word. We pray protection according to Psalm 91 for all the residents of Israel within striking range of any weapons formed against her. Oh God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, protect and prosper your people of the Old and New Covenant in the land of Israel. Amen.

 [Edited by Dr. Larry & Judi Keefauver]